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I think one of the critical questions for white people in this society is, what are you willing to risk? What are you willing to sacrifice to create a more just society?

White Privilege II
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Human Rights Watch
Black Lives Matter
Amnesty International

Yemen Crisis UNICEF

“White privilege is the unquestioned and unearned set of advantages, entitlements benefits and choices bestowed on people solely because they are white. Generally white people who experience such privilege do so without being conscious of it.”

Peggy Mcintosh

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Colourism: An Interracial Perspective – Series 5/5

Article written by Jonathon Rhule What’s Next? Partisan Politics, Racial Limbo, Code-Switching and a Promising Future.  “If you had to pick, would you say you’re black or white?” “Um… I don’t really know, to be honest, I couldn’t decide.” “Yeah yeah yeah I get, but like if someoneput a gun to your head and was … Continue reading Colourism: An Interracial Perspective – Series 5/5

Artwork by @alicerosefish
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