Hi Everyone! The idea of starting this blog was daunting, I second-guessed a lot of what I had to say and I didn’t know where to start. I had been working on a book which I initially titled ‘Pocketful of Privilege’, but it seemed like a project I was never going to finish. So I decided to transform it into a website, which means that it can be collaborative too!

I am someone who thinks a lot, I often get a headache from thinking too much. I have an opinion on just about anything, but I have always been passionate about human and civil rights. I started speaking up during school when my friend and I ran the Amnesty International Club. Which was around the same time I started writing about privilege and my place in society.

After school, I got the opportunity to travel around the world which gave me a greater perspective and an understanding of different cultures. I then chose to continue my studies abroad, to which I now study Media at the University of Amsterdam. Living in the Netherlands hasn’t necessarily been a culture shock for me, but through travelling and living in a different country, it has given me the chance to reflect on the society we live in.

I want this blog to be a space where people can learn, where people can be celebrated and where people can come together. It took me a long time to build my understanding of the topic of privilege – more specifically, white privilege. And although I still so much more to be educated on, I thought sharing my thoughts and my notes with others could be a way to start communicating and spreading awareness.

I encourage people to get involved, whether it just be reading and challenging your thoughts, or even wanting to write something about yourself or an experience. Contact details below! – Issie 🙂

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    It is only fitting that as a media student, I should write at least one review of a tv show or film. After watching two seasons of the show Pose on Netflix in only a matter of days, I straight away added it to my list of topics I want to discuss on the blog.… Read more

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